As he grew up they all encouraged him to push forward, they spout out words of hope, things like, “it’ll get better when you’re older, you’re gonna be great one day.” They kept building and feeding his ego, his self confidence sky rocketed and he knew he would take on the world one day, until he came to a realization, a realization that as he grew up the weaker he became, not physically but mentally. He began to sedate this fragility by building his body but no matter how big his muscles were his mind would bounce everywhere he couldn’t control his thoughts. The bricks were built high but the foundation was weak, the building collapsed, and he was destroyed, left with no one and nothing but the bricks he once piled up high with no grout, and so he began. He began and tried to pick up every block he lost, he began to build a new, he built not just himself but his mind. He slowly gathered them all, it was a process, a long one at it but he would never stop. Slowly his brick turned to a pile and that grew to almost the whole collection of them. He grew weary but never gave out coming to the end of his reconstruction, but he began to feel better, he finally began to understand the world around him. He didn’t feel lost looking at his surrounding, he knew who to trust and whom he can rely on and that was when he collected all the blocks, that last block was just that and so he celebrated. He bellowed in tears of joy, he ran around rabid like a child that finally got the christmas gift they always wanted and just when he finished celebrating he sat, alone. He knew the world around him and he had all the bricks to once again rebuild, but he didn’t have the grout, the building he ravishingly couldn’t wait to finish had no grout. Though the pillars existed to hold a skyscraper that could see the world, that he now understands, it doesn’t have the grout that links its way always back down to the ground and grows up to the sky. He knew everything around him but didn’t know himself, the grout to his dreams, and so he went back once again, to begin a new, not to search for the bricks but for his grout.


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