Funeral Service

There’s a funeral service today.

They say the man was great one.

He loved and cared for everyone and everything,

they say he gave everything he had to everyone already so his will contained nothing.

Sadly, they say the efforts and gifts he bore to the people weren’t appreciated,

they all left not realizing at what they left behind.

He was loving regardless of everyone,

loving and opened his home and arms to anyone in need.

They say his funeral will be filled,

all those who stepped on him before finally came seeking forgiveness.

Too bad it’s too late,

There’s a funeral service today.



5 thoughts on “Funeral Service

  1. This one was REALLY good. Especially the last three lines. It kind of made me sad to think about people having “stepped” on this man. It really made me think outside the scope of the story and imagine how people probably took advantage of the guy. This also took me back to a certain funeral. I like this post a lot. And it was too bad in the end how that’s the way they chose to do right by him. Why not do so when he was living and breathing? Maybe I’m feeling the wrong type of way about this. You left me wondering. That’s the good part, though. Your readers get to think outside the lines of your writing.

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