The Cater

He stands at the entrance everyday, he welcomes people with an open heart and open arms with a smile that spreads from ear to ear and makes sure to tend to all their needs. He shows them to their table, pulls their chairs slowly and seats them and tucks them in comfortably and places their white napkins on their laps ever so lightly and makes sure everything is okay. They sit, sometimes its one person, sometimes it’s more, he caters their every need, they never ask him about his day never ask him how he is but he listens to their stories. He witnesses and is acquainted with them, he knows of their troubles, he knows of their likes and dislikes, he knows of their love lives, he knows of everyting yet they don’t even know his name. They sat and he listened, he catered their every need, and they never even battered an eye at him, he wasn’t significant enough, he was just a cater to them. They sat and they ate their meal, they devoured a delicious meal, they enoyed the service, they got everything off their chest and placed it on the table, they dully smiled at the cater and thanked him; they then rise, and see their ways out towards the door as he is left to clean their messes. They leave him with nothing but an insincere thanks and their two cents but to him it is simply a routine, the two cents stay with him never to see the hands of another owner and he returns to the entrance and welcomes the next needy person.


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