The pressure of the world ways down on him. He walks around and feels the pressure of everything pressing down on his spine. His back aches and his head pounds with the weight weighing down on his body and soul. It’s a pressure infathomable to a child and fully comprehensible by an old coo. This is the pressure of the world that old timers blabber about and young people blow off as if it’s a load of nonsense. He is new to this feeling of pressure his blood vessels pound with stress and his heart races due to anxiety; his fight or flight is discombobulated and his sense of balance is absent. His eyes see a blur and even though he smells the roses he sees no garden, even though he knows of joy he feels a continuous and never ending pressure. His eyes close and he begins to fall, this is the beginning of his responsibilities, the beginning of the journey he was anxious to begin and is now anxious to get out of.


One thought on “Pressure

  1. I wish that it was all nonsense that could just be blown away. I wish it could be as simple as blinking once and all the worries fading, but it’s not. Sometimes it feels like a ton of bricks weighing heavy on your heart and there is a constant pounding in your head. It’s almost as if you are a pressure cooker placed over high heat ready to explode at any second! But I guess it’s one of the many aspects of this crazy thing called life…

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