Sobriety or numb serenity, mental stability or internal chaos, he is surrounded with both, each step he takes throws him into a new scenario and environment each time and he is in conflict. One step he is embraced with love and joy, all his loved ones are accounted for and they are all happy, they are all acquainted with all their hearts desires, he has good health and angels cater to his every desire, he truly feels in heaven and is surrounded by grape vines, a true scene from ancient greek myths relived within that time. He spends what seems to be a mere seconds in that life, and then takes another step and sees everything that once brought him joy slowly rot, he sees all those who were once accounted for decimate into the ground that once boar nothing but joy for him and he rues the air he breathes. It seems he never will leave, pain engulfs his being and his soul and heart grow cold and fed up. Even though it felt like lifetimes he did finally take another step, and just as soon he lost all his joy, he lost all his agony, he was careless though, he forgot of his painful experience, he didn’t learn and the heaven he once was in for a second time now was now the hell once again and his sharp agonizing pain was to return. This cycle of brutal pain and brief joy repeated and he never stopped walking, for if you stop walking you fall into purgatory-like state and his joy seemed to never be able to attain. His never ending conflict began to eat at him and he became numb to the joy and the pain and all he had his mind on was a search for an answer and in one of those steps he entered the musk of heaven and he decided he won’t leave it again. He leaned forward and walked right off a cliff, never to continue into another step, ending his timeless conflict, leaving him where no one knows.


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