“Come here my child you’ve been everything I could’ve asked for and you deserve more from this life than what you have been given,” bellows a voice in the unknown. He walks closer but cautious, “My child don’t be fearful for your desires will finally come true.” His cautious inching turned to struts of joy to a place he doesn’t know much of,his fear of the unknown was gone, he was careless and he ran gleefully to his rewards. In his mind he felt his soul swell up with joy, his mind and subconscious in unison as they thank and enjoy this moment of utter joy. He saw it from far and he bursted into a sprint, he saw the blossomed flowers, he saw the ripe fruits, he saw the love of his life, his family was present everyone was alive and healthy and he truly couldn’t have asked for better. He slouched in lawn chair made of the softest wood he has ever sat on and he inhaled, and when he exhaled all his stress was alleviated from his body. That stress that he was burdened with daily, the anxiety on his joints and mind was all instantly gone, he cherished the moment, kissed his love, embraced his mother and his family, he walked around and never once thought he would finally get what he deserved. He fell asleep in the arms of his loved one as his family and friends mingled happily and the warm breeze filled their presence.

He woke up to a cold hand on his face alarmed and rattled but he came to his senses and looked up and saw the same warm hand that caressed his face had now become cold and lifeless. He never thought the day would come, he always prayed the scenario would go vice versa and he would never live a day without them . He got up stumbling and lost and instantly went to seek for the aid of his family and couldn’t find them. “My child no one is to be sought,” the voice said this time. He then scuffled and rushed to find anyone or anything, but all he saw was the trees that once were overflowing with fruits withered old and everything that once gave him joy was gone. Everything either died or left, no one and nothing was there, he stood there, lost, not just physically but emotionally. Numb and motionless he heard one last time “My child, I hope you enjoy what you deserve.”


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