Clark Kent

Good morning in Metropolis, the busy city of journalists, working men, villains, bandits and of course everyones favorite Superman. The Man of Steel was the foundation of good in a city puzzled with tyranny and he was America’s beloved and face of justice. The Man of Tomorrow named for his reliability to a not a person but a nation when chaos threatened the homes of million a single man was there to save it all. The Last Son of Krypton not only held the burden of us mere mortals he held the responsibility of his home and to uphold and carry a legacy of his forefathers, tasks no mere mortal can be burdened with. A city distraught, he was the beacon of light and the leading aggressor against any harm to not just the city but the world as a whole. What a man, what a hero, a legacy chiseled in hearts and minds of millions, but just as he is a super hero he was a normal man. Adopted as a baby by Martha and Jonathan Kent┬áhe was raised as one of their own, he was cradled and sent to school and even fell in love; he worked, he was a journalist, had an over working boss and was stressed just like all of those he sought to protect as Superman. He was burdened with the tribulations of a man and a superhero, he may be able fight off a meteorite with the masses watching and biding him words of encouragement on the sideline but when he’s Clark Kent, when he is just an average man in solitude, when he has no one but himself can he fight off the anxiety of life. Everyone was there as the Man of Steel was ruining Lex Luthers plots of evil, but when Clark went home, when he faced no one but his subconscious and thoughts who was there?


6 thoughts on “Clark Kent

  1. Wow! Love it! I love how you viewed Superman from a different perspective. Seeing things through the characters lense. And I feel it’s not something many people think about or do. Just to write about Clark Kent being stressed and everyone watching him as superman, but when he’s at home there’s no one there, no one supporting him. He has to face villains alone, but when he’s back to normalcy he also has to face himself alone. I really enjoyed this.

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