Least expected

Him and his friends are driving home after an amazing day out all day, they have their music blasted, car congested with smoke and overflowing with laughter. They’re carefree and oh so joyful, he merges onto the highway and looks at the electronic sign above scanning to see what traffic looks like. He takes a glimpse up before it came to them, from their left their car is side-sweeped and they’re sent in twirls. A car so filled with life and jubilance now is seeping blood and dressed with shattered glass all around it. Shaken, beaten and left face planted on the hot cement; skin burning and blood depleting he takes another glimpse up, “Traffic deaths this year 742,” but now lying there besides his friends, he mentally updated the board, “Traffic deaths this year 745.” His eyes grew heavy he felt his life draining from his very being but never once did his own death peak to his mind, he was a fighter he made it this far he can’t die now. He fought for long and hard nearly an hour of constant shooting pain and charred skin but medics arrived and he felt relieved the sign that haunted him will finally cease to be an eyesore to him. Alleviated of mental pain he was elevated on a stretcher and just as he relaxed and close his eyes one last time for he will not see the newest update to the sign, “Traffic deaths this year 746.”


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