Borders Never Crossed

A wanderer of the soul one day came across a beautiful haven. A haven never before explored, a land that seemed abundant in roses and was bare of all weeds. This heaven that  he seemed to have came across was captivating, its beauty from the distance lured him in like a child vulnerable to sweets. He slowly crept and came closer to this garden of eden, he only grew more intrigued by the essence of the most beautiful florals in the garden, the yellow tulips, the blue violets, purple lavender, it must have been heaven, he finally had a place to call home, no longer must he wander this world. He has scavenged  through hell, he has come across many souls, many places, many places that he could’ve called home but he never felt like this. His body rushed, his heart leaped from his chest, his nose intoxicated with the smells and his soul was finally in unison and alike with something. He sprung into a sprint, he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he wanted to just be one with his new home. His mind escaped him as he sprinted, he imagined of all the possibilities that he could encounter in his new home, in his safe haven. He couldn’t help it but yell out loud in joy, and laugh until his heart content but was cut short after stepping on a thorn, a thorn so large it punctured his foot and left him in agony. His joy was short-lived and his agony now swallowed all his hopes and dreams, he slowly lost feeling in his foot and he looked around to only come to realize he was now engulfed in a garden of thorns. His paradise still in sight never seemed so far now, he couldn’t move forward nor turn around, he stood in agony until he grew weak and collapsed. He laid in agony, body pierced, heart broken, he screamed up in the sky to curse every creature this earth has birthed, he now turned and wept. He wept till his soul could cry no more, his heaven inched further away by the second as his heart slowed down, his eyes grew heavy and he opened them one last time to witness a mass of dead souls beside him.


5 thoughts on “Borders Never Crossed

  1. I came across your writing awhile ago and never thought you’d care for my opinion but I just have to say hat your writing is beautiful.
    Never stop speaking your thoughts and ideas in a world that tries so hard to ignore them.
    No matter how far your writing goes, just know that it impacted at least one person in this world..
    Your future is bright–never forget that (:

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