The Warden

He woke up in a jail cell but not one with bars nor one with prison guards. He isn’t in the state penitentiary but there is a warden that makes sure he stays in his place. He is in a solitary confinement that doesn’t have concrete walls but flesh and organs, he is a prisoner in himself and the warden resides over his cognitive self. He resides in the belly of the beast and whenever he tries to make a break the warden takes strict measures to keep him in place. The warden walks around strutting his muscles, as if his prisoner is nonexistent and no one knows of his abduction from his own conscious. The warden fears of upheaval and sees his loss of control in his eyes, he who resides in the solitary confinement is in constant unrest. He cannot rest in peace and prys in his insides seeking for freedom, his left hand grabs on his liver and his right on his spleen and he places his foot on his stomach, the warden feels sick, feeling acid reflux, he senses an internal riot, the warden feels his prisoner’s presence grow and build up his esophagus. Warden attempts to push him back with his condescending techniques but he’s fed up, no longer will he stay a prisoner of self condescension and let fear hold him back any longer. He climbs up and finds footholding in his throat and reaches a hand and grabs on the eyelids and pulls himself up to the only two windows he had in his confinement.


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