He was a seeker, he excavated every land, every ruin, every crevice and crack this earth had to offer. He searched and ravaged through gold and dirt alike he broke down barrier and chains to uncover what to him is the more worthy than gold but just as common as trees. He first began his search in areas common where the concentration of his philosopher stone was denser because no matter how many imitations he may cross he must come across a genuine one sooner or later. He was a seeker of something genuine and inexpendable, something found in worn out souls in experienced and torn souls, and it was the hope that made an archeologist of such a rare commodity continue for a search that grew to become seemingly relative to the search of Atlantis; for this soul will become the unearthed refuge to excavate at his leisure. He continued tirelessly to come in contact with this alienated finding; but even the most persistent of people grow weary and he too grew tired of such careers. He came to a rift filled with water and contemplated tossing his body and soul with a current that seemed to find unison unlike his irritated soul. He lost hope in the ones he first was seeking and he felt as if engulfing himself in the currents that succeeded in such a search would bring his soul ease. Entangled in the chains he once broke to uncover sites unearthed to others he now stands at the edge and it only takes a budge to attain his new serenity. As soon as his foot nudged he was at the mercy of the current and eyes open he experienced a life changing at the end of his life. As his body fell his soul elevated to a new consciousness, he watched as he kept calling lower and lower that each current is independent of each other and even though they influence each other they would never merge, for each one was interdependent and though independent they were one and just as he found his Atlantis he rushed swimming to his refuge but the chains that once held him together now weighed him down never to excavate what was in front of him.


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