A New

        Stuck in a quicksand of his own mistake he grovels in his self made demise. He stands slowly being sucked in by each grain of sand that he created with his faults. He slowly is engulfed, for the sand works from the head down, it first begins raining sand, grains fall on his head, entering pours and making home atop. It pours until it enters every pour on his head, it enters his ears and makes way to his membrane clogging all thoughts filling him with only what he has done not what he can do. After taking over the mind it begins working on the vessel of what once was, slowly but surely sucking in every bit of being he has left, just like parasites it shows no mercy just taking more and more. 
        Days pass and his waist down has been pulled into an ocean of sand and continues to descend until a cool breeze brushes past him, awaken he begins to realize how self grief has become self demise. Slowly the sand in his head fall out of his ears, just like it entered it left him, slowly and gradually. He slowly was able to move, tirelessly trying to raise his foot over the ocean of sand at his feet he begins moving forward as the grains fall from his head and pores. He continues for days going against the brush of the breeze hoping to find its source. Gradually he succeeded to continue to move relentlessly regardless of the grains that remained in his head pulling him back he succeeded, he neared an oasis in his desert and he began to rush to his heaven on earth. As feet turned to inches the breeze was cooler and the banks of water seemed more refreshing and the trees greener and he waisted no time making home in his new found miracle.
         His found home brought him ease, his hammock between two trees and his stomach full of gifts his oasis blessed him with. This new found comfort would not quench his thirst, thirst of vindication of sin, and though he thought he freed himself from a desert his head was birthing a new one. The land once filled with greenery instantly became shrouded in sand as it outpoured from his very being. All he discovered, all the joy, gone instantly, all the progress made dispersed and vanished as he returns to his quick sand, stuck in a thicker and quicker sand.


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