Journal of Two Friends

It’s been a long day, his body aches emotionally and physically, he yearns for comfort, he yearns for his companion. He’s hurt, he’s tired but he waits for his companion; they went through everything together. They’ve fought their demons together whether it was the ones within themselves or foreign perpetrators. He knew it was a friend that he could find no where else, one of those people that come once every lifetime and because of that he held them near and dear to his heart. A companion like this will go to war with him and will always watch his back, he just knew that this was the one true friend he has in his life and he was eternally thankful to them for that. He would go to war for his friend and he knew it would be reciprocated if the vice were to occur. He sat and contemplated on all the things they’ve accomplished, all their feats and their downfalls. They have conquered Hades underworld and celebrated in Zeus’s garden paradise. He had a confidant in a friend and that was an ease of mind he never would find elsewhere. As he began to crumble more without his friend they walked in and all the bad in this world was relinquished and joy sprouted in the saddest of places in his mind, “My friend, I’ve missed you.”

It’s been a long day, and that pesky fiend won’t leave him be today. He abhors him but he tolerates his presence. He brushes off his over obsessive acquaintance with a smile and reassurance whenever he is confronted with inquiries, he listens to their problems as if he cares and taps them on the back and places generic comfort to their irritations. He is drained by the time he can finally pry free of his clingy nuisance. He was a useful bafoon though, it was someone he could rely on and regardless of the outcome of situations he knew he had someone who would stand by his side. He utilized it and manipulated that loyalty to achieve his ulterior motives, his agenda came at his acquaintance expense and he was fine with that; Darwinism at its finest. He needed to be the strongest link and with this loyal guard dog he had a stronger footing others didn’t have and he won’t lose that. He could lead them into a war zone and they would follow blindly and fight while he raises his legs and relaxes under the shade. He found a loyal servant, one he knew he wouldn’t find elsewhere and that’s what makes them so valuable. As he inched closer to his servant he braced himself, “My friend, I’ve missed you too.”


4 thoughts on “Journal of Two Friends

  1. Not to say that every American Palestinian is whitewashed, but you’re definitely not the stereotypical American Palestinian. Keep it up 👌🏾

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