Silently Loud

Bio: The accounts of my jumbled up thoughts and observations of the world around me. I don't know much but I learn plenty and writing helps me reveal more of myself then I knew before I write.

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. The concept that a person chooses to return to something he once broke free from is compelling and reminds me of people who suffer from an addiction
    Not necessarily substance abuse
    But the fact that old habits break hard
    Keep posting

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    1. Everyone sees something different nothing is alike and everything is perspective if that is what he is doing to someone it may be that he was seeking to return to his body to attain his peaxe


  2. Yeah writing has so many nuances and perspectives I guess that’s what makes it even more capturing, how long have you been writing?
    And the idea of a soul being locked out of where they are trying to return is very relatable to the reader and probably hits home for a lot of people

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