Least expected

Him and his friends are driving home after an amazing day out all day, they have their music blasted, car congested with smoke and overflowing with laughter. They’re carefree and oh so joyful, he merges onto the highway and looks at the electronic sign above scanning to see what traffic looks like. He takes a […]

All Aboard

“This is 79th” bellowed the intercom above. He sat still, as immobile as the chairs they all sat on. He tilted his head side to side absorbing an environment of people just like him yet so far from him. Faces he’s never seen before are the faces he’s so familiar with, they all wore the […]


Sobriety or numb serenity, mental stability or internal chaos, he is surrounded with both, each step he takes throws him into a new scenario and environment each time and he is in conflict. One step he is embraced with love and joy, all his loved ones are accounted for and they are all happy, they […]


The pressure of the world ways down on him. He walks around and feels the pressure of everything pressing down on his spine. His back aches and his head pounds with the weight weighing down on his body and soul. It’s a pressure infathomable to a child and fully comprehensible by an old coo. This […]