“He waited, tense, but patient he waited, minutes which felt hours, he had no where to go, so he drove. “



They say the gates of Hades are supposed to welcome its newest residents with fire breathing demons, three headed beasts, and flesh eating pests. They spoke of an afterlife riddled with hatred, deceit, bloodlust, and torture. They speak of the life unseen, they depict a world in which no one has gone and returned from, […]


It’s a sporadic constant hunger that feeds off of me. I feel it gnaw at my insides, it doesn’t feed off of my stomach lining or my heart but at my brain, I feel it tear off my ease and let the suffer seep in. I feel it slide its way through the layer of […]

A New

        Stuck in a quicksand of his own mistake he grovels in his self made demise. He stands slowly being sucked in by each grain of sand that he created with his faults. He slowly is engulfed, for the sand works from the head down, it first begins raining sand, grains fall […]


He lost hope in the ones he first was seeking and he felt as if engulfing himself in the currents that succeeded in such a search would bring his soul ease.