Memoirs of the Mourned

I hate this, this routine, this lifestyle, this hectic insignificant nothingness.


A New

        Stuck in a quicksand of his own mistake he grovels in his self made demise. He stands slowly being sucked in by each grain of sand that he created with his faults. He slowly is engulfed, for the sand works from the head down, it first begins raining sand, grains fall […]


He lost hope in the ones he first was seeking and he felt as if engulfing himself in the currents that succeeded in such a search would bring his soul ease.

The Warden

He woke up in a jail cell but not one with bars nor one with prison guards. He isn’t in the state penitentiary but there is a warden that makes sure he stays in his place. He is in a solitary confinement that doesn’t have concrete walls but flesh and organs, he is a prisoner […]

Least expected

Him and his friends are driving home after an amazing day out all day, they have their music blasted, car congested with smoke and overflowing with laughter. They’re carefree and oh so joyful, he merges onto the highway and looks at the electronic sign above scanning to see what traffic looks like. He takes a […]

All Aboard

“This is 79th” bellowed the intercom above. He sat still, as immobile as the chairs they all sat on. He tilted his head side to side absorbing an environment of people just like him yet so far from him. Faces he’s never seen before are the faces he’s so familiar with, they all wore the […]